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What types of membership are there?

  1. Subscriber: as a subscriber you have free and unlimited access to  This includes all of the video lessons on our site (in streamed format). You can upload your own profile page, upload videos/pictures to get feedback from our teachers and chat or post in our forum.

I am a subscriber and have received a new debit card. How do I register the new card details in my account?

  1. Go to the website and register or access your account information

  2. Register or change your status to the "Free” membership level and save
  3. Wait 24 hours
  4. Go back to the website and change your status to subscriber, press save.
  5. Register your new debit card information in your account information

What is the difference in Lesson Types?

  • Lessons: Learn to play the instrument you've always dreamed of with the help of famous songs!  This is for both beginners and more advanced students. Lessons are structured step-by-step to get you rolling starting with lesson number one and moving forward from there. You will also get a mix of technique along with tons of useful tips!
Songs: This is where you can learn and play popular and fun hits!  Each song comes with a PlayAlong track without your instrument so you can play with the band! 

What is a PlayAlong?

A PlayAlong is a fairly common term in music education, it means "play-along-with” for example, a tune where your instrument is taken away and you play with the recorded example (kind of like karaoke for instrumentalists!). proprietary flash player has a PlayAlong button that you can choose to remove your instrument such as guitar so you can play with the recording.



How do I download a pdf for my computer?

After selecting what you would like to purchase, click the BUY button. The pdf will then be added to your shopping cart. When you are done with all of your selections, press the "Checkout" button:

  1. Checkout, check that the products in your shopping cart are correct
  2. Select the type of payment or membership or value codes.  If you have a member codes on your account, they are shown under "User Codes".  If you have a value code, these will be found on individual DVDs
  3. Select 'Other payment options' unless the codes covered all your payment
  4. If you choose to pay by credit card is routed to the PlayAlong redemption company and you may enter the card number securely to make the purchase
  5. After purchase an Order Confirmation will arrive via email-- Click the "Download" button and select where to save your files.

What is the difference between a membership code and a voucher?

A membership code can be obtained through participation and contests on A voucher code may be found for example inside some of our DVDs that are for sale and bundled with our online offerings.

Can I get a refund for a code?

The value of a code is $3.19. The total amount of cash is reduced by the amount of code. You cannot get any cash from the codes. If you pay $2.09 when you rent a lesson with a code worth $3.19 the entire code or value will be used.  

Can I buy multiple products in a code?

Yes, the value per code is $3.19 so you can buy, for example three pdf's at $.99 for a voucher. The total amount of cash will be deducted from the original amount of the code. 

I have requested my identification, but it does not work it says 'invalid token'. What is causing the error?

You may have waited too long from the time you received the code to when you entered it on our site. Try to request a new code.