Terms of use

Terms of use

1. General


StudyAlong AB (organization number 556690-3141) offers, through a subscription to playalong.se, the opportunity for individuals to access the services provided by StudyAlong and StudyAlong's partners on www.playalong.se. The current service includes video lessons (referred to as the "service" below). The music on this Internet service is made available with permission from ICE.


2. Availability


The service is typically available round the clock. However, errors or interruptions may occur, and StudyAlong AB reserves the right to close the service for maintenance.


3. Alterations and additions

StudyAlong AB reserves the rights to at any time alter and/or make additions to these terms. These alterations and/or additions takes effect one (1) month after the new terms have been published at www.playalongmusic.com or the subscriber have been otherwise informed. In case the subscriber does not approve of these changes or additions they have the right to, as always, terminate their subscription in accordance with paragraph 7. If such a resignation does not occur, the subscriber will be considered to have accepted the new terms of use.


4. Registration and the extent of the membership

To be able to access services, including getting free and unlimited access to all classes in streamed format, you have to become a subscriber. On the registration page at www.playalongmusic.com you can find a more detailed description of the subscription advantages and prices.


We may change the subscription fees at any time after having given reasonable notice. If you do not consent to a potential change of the fee you can terminate your membership in accordance with paragraph 7.


5. Different forms of membership

StudyAlong AB offers two kinds of memberships: Subscriber and campagin member. Applying for membership is done at playalongmusic.com and the applicant shall there register all the information required. By registering the applicant becomes a member of playalongmusic.com (henceforth referred to as “the member”). Through the registration the applicant agrees to all of StudyAlong AB terms of use. The member leaves also, by registering, their consent for StudyAlong AB to publish the members username at playalongmusic.com and that the members own profile page is visible to other members of the PlayAlong community.


6. Subscription fees

A subscription at PlayAlong costs 17 Euro per month.


The subscription runs until further notice and you can terminate your membership at any time. By entering into this agreement you confirm that your subscription consists of an initial cost and a periodical debiting and that StudyAlong AB has the right collect fees at regular intervals without further approval from you until you terminate your subscription. The first debit occurs immediately at the time of registration and periodical debiting will be withdrawn from the charge card used when registering. This applies for as long as you remain a subscriber.


It is of great importance that you supply current, complete and correct information regarding your subscription, which among other things means that you are required to give StudyAlong AB notice in the event of a changed card number, altered period of validity for the charge card or if you payment method is no longer working due to loss or theft.


7. Notice of termination of subscription

You can at any time terminate your subscription by following these three steps:


Enter www.playalongmusic.com and log on to your profile page

Click User information (under My Profile in the right corner)

Change membership type to Free member. Press save.


If you change your mind and wish to go back to being a subscriber you tick the box at the bottom of the page that say “Regret termination of subscription”. Do note that after terminating your subscription, you will remain a subscription for what remains of the period that you have already paid for. After this you will automatically become a Free member.


8. Applicable laws

In addition to these terms of use, applicable laws for selling services and products via the Internet apply, such as the GDPR and the Distant Selling Act.


9. The registering of information

When signing up for a membership you accept that StudyAlong AB registers the personal information that you leave. No information will be transferred, sold or in any way shared with a third party. The information will not be used to anything other than the activity carried on by StudyAlong AB.


10. Usage of Services

It is the members responsibility to ensure that the services is not used with the purpose of spreading such data or information that is illegal or that can be considered offensive or inappropriate, that the services is not used for unauthorized access to connected networks and computer resources and that data or information is not unauthorizedly used, destroyed or distorted. The member is also responsible for making sure that data or information published via the services does not trespass on third party rights. The member does not have the right to use the Services for own commercial purposes by for example procuring information about or market commercial services such as spam, chain letters, pyramid games or other acitivies not compatible with the nature of our services. 


All immaterial rights concerning data published via the services is property of PlayAlong or property of a third party with whom PlayAlong cooperates and cannot be used by the member beyond what is needed to use the Services in accordance with current user terms. Thus the member does not have the right to copy, spread, forward or in other ways make material distributed by the Services available without the consent of StudyAlong AB.


11. Improper use of membership

StudyAlong AB reserves the right to with immediate effect entirely or partially limit the members’ use of the services and terminate the membership with immediate effect in case the member misuse the services in ways described in these terms or in other ways fail to fulfill their commitment towards StudyAlong AB according to the terms. The member shall compensate StudyAlong AB should any damages occur due to the members’ misuse of the services or in case the member has acted in violation of the terms of membership.


12. Limitations in liability 

StudyAlong AB is not responsible for the members or others use of the services or for material that the Member or others register, receive, store, send out or make available by other means. StudyAlong AB are not responsible for material published on or products and services offered by other websites that StudyAlong AB or PlayAlong-members has set up links to at  www.playalongmusic.com.


StudyAlong AB is not liable for loss or distortion of data or information that is procured through the services. Furthermore, StudyAlong AB is not liable in the event of someone authorized or unauthorized trespasses in the Services, StudyAlong ABs or the members computerresources and gain access to, destroys or distorts information or such computerresources. The member pledges to possess the rights to all material that the member uploads and publishes at playalongmusic.com.


13. The reviewing of data and information

StudyAlong AB has the right, but not the obligation, to review such information that the member communicates or publishes via the services to ensure that the member observes the commitment made towards PlayAlong. PlayAlong has the right to, without preceding notice to the member, fully or partially remove such information that according to StudyAlongs judgment is contrary to swedish law, good custom, these terms or that can in any way constitue a foundation for liability or criticism towards StudyAlong AB. 


14. Newsletter

StudyAlong AB will at regular intervals send out newsletters to their members by e-mail. These newsletters contain current information about news, updates and at StudyAlong AB. The members can, by accessing their user information, cross themselves off the register. Here the member can also, if desired, choose to resubscribe to the newsletter.


15. Transfer

The membership is personal and is not to be transfered. StudyAlong AB reserves the right to completely or partially delegate their rights and/or obligations concerning the services to a third party


Terms of purchase

16. Prices 

All prices stated include 25 percent VAT.


17. Delivery

All parcels are sent to the buyer using Posten Businessparcel or Parcel Post. Products are usually delivered within 2-5 working days. Parcels that are not collected will be charged with our freight costs.


18. Customer support

The support can be reached at 00468-70 00 055 and Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..


19. Cancellation right

There are no cancellation rights regarding downloaded lessons. StuydAlong AB cannot credit faulty purchases. After you have received a product, return- and exchange rights apply for 14 days given that the product is not used and is returned in good condition. If you regret the purchase and wish to return it, you will have to cover the freight costs yourself.


20. Delivery damages or faults

Products that have suffered visible damage in connection with freight shall immediately be made complaint about to your post office when the parcel is collected. Damages that are not externally visible, and therefore impossible to detect before the parcel has been opened, shall within 7 days from collection be made complaint about to StudyAlong AB via e-mail to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.. In the event of damages reported within 14 days from issued delivery StudyAlong AB will cover the return freight cost. If this does not happen it falls on the customer to return damaged products. This applies to both Businessparcel and Parcel Post.


21. Copyright

The copyrights to the video lessons on this site belong to StudyAlong AB and the content is protected by the Swedish Copyright Act. According to this law the user is prohibited to copy and make our products available to the public. Violations can result in legal consequences.


22. The shopping process

If you regret an item you have selected, press “Remove” when in your shoppingcart and the item will be removed. You can revise your planned purchase until you have paid for it. After your purchase has been carried out on our paymentpartners websites you will automatically be directed to a page titled “Order confirmation”. Print this page as a receipt.


This agreement shall be under subject to Swedish law. Dispute regarding interpretation and application of this agreement shall ultimately be settled through arbitration according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules for Expedited Arbitration. The arbitration shall take place in Stockholm.


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